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Das Drachentor (Der Zyklus der Drachenkrone, #3) Ulrike Schweikert

Das Drachentor (Der Zyklus der Drachenkrone, #3)

Ulrike Schweikert

Published May 8th 2007
ISBN : 9783442363049
452 pages
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 About the Book 

The one who is able to bring back together the pieces of the Dragon Crown, which in mythical times were transformed into six dragons and scattered to all the winds, will rule the world. The sorcerer Astorin wishes to find those six dragons. He has already succeeded in fashioning a white figure for the Dragon Crown. Warned of this by the Golden Dragon, the moon priestess Rolana is in highest alarm. Together with her friends Xerda, Ibis, Lahryn and Cay, she becomes destined to protect the world from the evil sorcerer. In the meantime, Astorin’s allies Saranga and Vertos are searching between the worlds for the Dragon Gate, for only there can Astorin assemble the crown so that its power can unfold. Astorin, with a woman student of the Morad Order, goes to Castle Draka and succeeds in wresting the black figure from the powerful vampire, though the loss of his apprentice to the vampire is a severe blow to him. Accompanied by the thoughts of the dragon, Rolana and her companions travel to the gate between the worlds. Saranga and Vertos succeed through trickery in stealing the fifth figure of the Dragon Crown, which Rolana and her friends had discovered in the underworld. The five friends win the race for the sixth and final figure, but they still must bring it to the Cave of the Lion in order to break the power of Astorin forever. There, where once the sorcerer city of Xanomee stood, at the broken gate to the worlds, the companions meet their foe. A great battle takes place, into which ultimately even the dragons are drawn. So much magical energy is given off that the broken crystal plate leading to the other world is reawaked to life. Inthan, a magician who has been imprisoned between the worlds for over 4000 years, is freed and becomes the power that helps Rolana and her friends to victory. The evil sorcerer Astorin is vanquished and the pieces of the Dragon Crown are destroyed. Press “A masterful fantasy epic filled with wit and warmth, adventure and magic!” ASB Journal Author Ulrike Schweikert, born in 1966, studied geology and journalism. She began at that time to work on her first historical novel, The Daughter of the Salt Maker [Die Tochter des Salzsieders], which was to become a great success. Since then she has made writing her career. Along with her bestseller historical novels, she has written the well-received fantasies The Dragon’s Crown [Die Drachenkrone] and The Legacy of the Copper Dragon [Das Vermächtnis des Kupferdrachen].