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Pig Tales: Volume 3 - The SMART Board Lee Gabor

Pig Tales: Volume 3 - The SMART Board

Lee Gabor

Published December 26th 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Patty, Prissy, and Pablo Pig entered a poster into a contest and won enough money to buy a house and move from the dusty pig pen in the middle of Piggsburg. Patty insisted they use the study in the new home as a schoolroom for the new University of Piggsburg, which will teach higher order critical thinking to all their friends.Patty budgeted well. After purchasing the house, furniture, and appliances, the pigs had enough money remaining to buy electronic equipment for the school and to build atop the home a cupola which will hold the new school bell.UPS delivers the board to the front door and Patty and Pablo will move it into the schoolroom. Before doing so, Patty reflects on past experiences. She is very proud of her Problem Solving Matrix, which directly relates to her ability with left-brain thinking. She also is thrilled that the idea of the school came about because Eddie Elephant has had such a problem learning the concept of Cause and Effect. Patty hopes having a formal learning environment will help the humongous elephant who makes humongous messes to finally comprehend Cause and Effect.Patty and Pablo take the new interactive board into the study, which is now the classroom, and put it together. They decide a party is needed and as Pablo leaves to obtain avocados for Pattys guacamole, Prissy comes in. She represents the right brain lobe and is always ready to party.Patty downloads lessons from the Internet that can be used on the board and Prissy asks to receive the first one. Although most lessons will be on language arts concepts, there will be a few on math and science. Prissy does well as she learns how to calculate perimeter. Their robotic Perry the Bad, Mad, Sad, Dog will teach this concept at the university.As Vol. 3 ends, Patty is beginning to use her Problem Solving Matrix to come up with ideas to make the upcoming party special.