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Paws and Pleas: Transformation Erotica Amy Estes

Paws and Pleas: Transformation Erotica

Amy Estes

Published June 19th 2014
Kindle Edition
41 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Kay has had enough. Sure, her husbands adoring and wealthy, but shes tired of manipulating him and pretending she cares. So now its time for her payday. Because he’s rich, Kay is more than happy to divorce him, taking half of his fortune.To celebrate, she goes out, and while hes at a bar, she meets a handsome stranger. He is so confident and sexy. She decides to indulge in a little bit of casual sex, but as he leans in and whispers a few magical words, Kay falls asleep.And when she wakes up, everything is different.Somehow, that stranger transformed Kay from a beautiful socialite into…his pet dog. Four-legged and furry, she is now stuck in his house as he begins her training. Hes going to show her how to be a good girl, chasing after balls, doing tricks, and licking like any other pup. Kay can resist as much as she wants, but when her opponent can literally rewrite reality with just a few words, she doesnt stand a chance.Worse, the longer she stays in this body, the harder its going to be for her to change back.